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Action : wmq.mqm   (Category : wmq, Name : mqm, By : kikonf)
Complete Name :
Version : 5.0        License : Modified BSD License

Purpose of the wmq category :
Easy to customize. This category use in background the runmqsc command to create and configure :
Qmanagers, Qlocals, Qremotes, Clusters, Channels, Triggers, Processes, XMITQs, Listeners or SSL for WebSphere MQ .
You can use it to manage the whole IBM WebSphere MQ architecture.

Purpose of this mqm plugin : Configures a QManager

Configures a QManager.
With this Action you can manage:
QLocals, Triggers, Processes, QRemotes, QAliases, Channels, Clusters, XMITQs, Listeners and SSL.

Trademarks :
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