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All the documention below is also provided into the <kikonf_install_root>/doc directory of the Kikonf binary.

Before reading this documentation, please make sure you have read the : that is the natural path (in this order), to introduce the Kikonf scheme.

kikonf.pdf: this book explains the Kikonf's basics, and is a good way to start.

The two Kikonf main commands: kikact and kikarc have their specific books:

kikact.pdf: explains how to work with the Kikonf command dedicated to Action files.

kikarc.pdf: explains how to work with the Kikonf command dedicated to Custom Action files.

plugins_howto.pdf: explains how to build your own Kikonf plugins.

Kikonf interfaces are tools dedicated to the management of Action files and Custom Action files.
They may be command line tools, interactive console menus or web interfaces.

kikupd.pdf: explains how to use kikupd to perform multiple xpath like commands on Action (or Custom Action) files.
And how to run the kikonf interactive consoles.

repoz.pdf: explains how use the powerful repoz command to manage various files (including Action files and Custom Action file) in an integrated way.

repoz_apc.pdf: this book covers the repoz xpath like mode.

repoz_xpc.pdf: this book covers the repoz xql like mode.

Kikonf Generic Tools (and libraries) are a set of tools, also provided by default within the Kikonf binary.

The understanding of these tools is not required to perform Kikonf,
but they are ready-to-use tools and they may help the day basis Administration.


apimenu.pdf: this books explains how to use the Apimenu command and library to create your own custom Interactive Console Menus on the fly.


wk.pdf: wk (Wanted Keyword) is a small descriptor langage to describe data, it is used within Action descriptor files to describe Tag and Attributes.
This book covers its characteristics.

ct.pdf: ct (CoolTyping) is a fast way to write (serialize) complexe python types on command line or text files with no " and no '.
Ct is also used within Action descriptor files.

picxml.pdf: picxml (also called epicxml) is the Kikonf xpath implementation.
This book covers its syntax.

Standardizing_J2EE_industrialization.pdf: This books draws a basic charter about how to structure a MiddleWare architecture for industrialization.

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