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Action : wls.jvm   (Category : wls, Name : jvm, By : kikonf)
Complete Name :
Version : 4.0        License : Modified BSD License

Purpose of the wls category :
Easy to customize. This category use in background the wlst command in jython mode, to drive WebLogic Server configuration.
You can use it to manage the whole WebLogic architecture.

Purpose of this jvm plugin : Tunes a JVM

The following shows the Descriptor File for the Action : wls.jvm

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<!-- Copyright (c) 2008, Patrick Germain Placidoux                          -->
<!-- All rights reserved.                                                   -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!-- This file is part of Kikonf Public Software.                           -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!-- Kikonf Public Software is released under the modified BSD License,     -->
<!-- which should accompany it or any part of it in the file "COPYING".     -->
<!-- If you do not have this file you can access the license                -->
<!-- through the WWW at      -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!-- Home page:                                       -->
<!-- Contact:                                                -->
<!-- ====================================================================== -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!-- ====================================================================== -->
<!-- UPDATE     |     DATE     |   CODE   |  REASON                         -->
<!-- ====================================================================== -->
<!--            |              |          |                                 -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!--                                                                        -->
<!-- ====================================================================== -->

    | General descriptor file syntax: |

    *value : stands for default value.
    Any attribute that has a default value do not need to be set (even if it is required) !
    Attributes : type, software, version are reserved and must not be set.
    Attributes : version is set by the Parser engine.
    If the Attribute value starts by { and end by }, its content will be CoolTyped.

    Attributes and texts values between {} are evaluated using the wk formalism.
    Here is a snapshot of the wk formalism:
    The wk formalism can be writen using too syntaxes:
    Either the python syntax:
       version = "{\
           '*value': 7.0,\
           '*ge': 6.1,\
           '*le': 7.9,\
           '*required': True\
       equivalente to (skipping no line):
       version = "{'*value': 7.0, '*ge': 6.1, '*le':7.9, '*required': 'True'}"
    Or the CoolTyping syntax:
       version = '{\
       This is the same shape but without ' nor ".
       Easiest to write as long as we dont bother anymore about ' nor ".
       The CoolTyping engine will deduct for us the python inner types
       They deducted from what they obviously seems like.
       Ex: *value becomes a python string.
           7.0 becomes a python float.
           True becomes a python bool.
       Be aware that this syntax supports no space between special character like : {}, (), : and ,.
    If the expression contain at least one ', it's assume to be using the python syntax.

<!-- temp_dir: If temp_dir is set all WAS temporary files go there (dervlet scratch dir, this jvm workspace dir,, ...).            -->
<!--    Some time you may not want to flood your regular Application server logs (stdout) with HA (DCS protocol) messages or free your network. -->
<!--    In this case you may want to disable WAS HA Manager.                                                                                    -->
<!-- shared_classes: refers to shared classes loaded and shared at the system levelat the extension classloader level. -->
    type = '{\
    bal = ''
    sub_type = '{\
    softwares = "{\

    xms = '{\
    xmx = '{\


    run_hprof = '{\


        server = '{*required:True}'

        frontend_host: Redirect instead of Host header.
        frontend_htttp_port: Redirect instead of Host header.
        frontend_htttps_port: Redirect instead of Host header.
        client_ip_header: Remote Address Override, Returned by getRemoteAddr() using LB.

    disable: disable class garbage collection
    enable_inc: enable incremental garbage collection
    log_file: log GC status to a file with time stamps    

    <classpath __wk__='{*le:1}'>

    <boot_classpath __wk__='{*le:1}'>

    <prepend_classpath __wk__='{*le:1}'>
    <append_classpath __wk__='{*le:1}'>

    <!-- extlibs: refers to shared classes loaded at the extension classloader level. -->
    <extlibs __wk__='{*le:1}'>
    <generic_jvm_args __wk__='{*le:1}'>


<!-- Trademarks:                                                                     -->
<!-- ___________                                                                     -->
<!-- Oracle and Java are registred trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.       -->
<!--                                                                                 -->
<!-- Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.                       -->
(Source: <KIKONF_INSTALLATION_DIR>/plugins/actions/wls/jvm/by/kikonf/ACT_INF/action.xml)

A descriptor file is a WYSISWYG xsd like schema, wich describes what are the supported Tags, Attributes and Attributes values for one Action.
The special Attributes : type, sub_type, bal, softwares, __wk__ are reserved by Kikonf.

The table below summarizes the informations provided by the wls.jvm Descriptor File :

/jvm>   Tunes a JVM
Name Default Type Required Denied Help
type     True    
bal   str      
sub_type configuration   True    
softwares   dict      
xms 256 int True    
xmx 512 int True    
user   str      
password   str      
root_dir   str      
temp_dir   str      
java_home   str      
dft_context   str      
shared_classes off (off, auto, on) True    
run_hprof false (false, true) True    
enable_ssl false (false, true) True    
ssl_client_cert false (false, true) True    
enable_keep_alive true (false, true) True    
enable_plugin true (false, true) True    
admin_port 9002 int True    

/jvm/scope>   A scope refers to a Name Space where to create the resource
Name Default Type Required Denied Help
cluster   str      
server     True    

Name Default Type Required Denied Help
frontend_host   str      
frontend_htttp_port 0 int      
frontend_htttps_port 0 int      
client_ip_header   str      

Name Default Type Required Denied Help
clas false (false, true) True    
gc false (false, true) True    
jni false (false, true) True    

Name Default Type Required Denied Help
disable false (false, true) True    
enable_inc false (false, true) True    
log_file   str      







Trademarks :
  • "oracle", "Weblogic", "Weblogic Server", "Java" and "JVM" are a registred trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.
  • Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Copyright © 2011 - Patrick Placidoux, Hélène Malamoud