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Action : was.chgclonid   (Category : was, Name : chgclonid, By : kikonf)
Complete Name :
Version : 5.0        License : Modified BSD License

Purpose of the was category :
Easy to customize. This category use in background the wsadmin command in jython mode (through AdminConfig, AdminControl and AdminTask), to drive WebSphere Application Server configuration.
You can use it to manage the whole WebSphere architecture.

Purpose of this chgclonid plugin : Changes a Cluster Member's clone id, insteresting for proxiying considerations.

The following shows the main Source Code File for the Action : was.chgclonid

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##  Copyright (c) 2008, Patrick Germain Placidoux
##  All rights reserved.
##  This file is part of Kikonf Public Software.
##  Kikonf Public Software is released under the modified BSD License,
##  which should accompany it or any part of it in the file "COPYING".
##  If you do not have this file you can access the license 
##  through the WWW at
##  Home:
##  Contact:

from import *

class Chgclonid(wasAction):

    def extract(self, scope_attrs=None, **keywords):
        scope_id, scope_attrs, scope=self.getScope(scope_attrs=scope_attrs, indent=self.getIndent())
        indent=self.getIndent() + 3*' '

        if 'cluster' not in scope_attrs.keys():raise xception.kikonfActionParameterException(self, self_funct, 'Chgclonid support Cluster Member, the Attribute "cluster" of your scope must be set ! Your scope:' + str(scope_attrs) + '.')

        id=AdminConfig.showAttribute(scope_id, 'uniqueId')
        mkNodeScope(chgclonid_node, scope_attrs, isUnique=True)
    def inject(self):
        chgclonid_node = self.getTop()                                          #-- Grabs top node
        chgclonid_attrs = chgclonid_node.getAttrs()
        scope_id, scope_attrs, scope=self.getScope(parent_node=chgclonid_node, indent=self.getIndent()) #-- Retreives scope
        indent=self.getIndent() + 3*' '
        verbose('ClusterMember:' + scope_attrs['server'] + ' retreiving.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=4, indent=indent, logFile=self.getLogFile())
        AdminConfig.modify(scope_id, cmdvalues)
        verbose('ClusterMember:' + scope_attrs['server'] + ', clonid:' + + ' modified.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=3, indent=indent, logFile=self.getLogFile())
    def verbose(self, scope_attrs):
        scope=str(scope_attrs).replace("'", '')[1:-1]
        verbose('Cluster Member CloneId at scope:' + scope + '.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=2, indent=self.getIndent())
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