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Action : was.starta   (Category : was, Name : starta, By : kikonf)
Complete Name :
Version : 5.0        License : Modified BSD License

Purpose of the was category :
Easy to customize. This category use in background the wsadmin command in jython mode (through AdminConfig, AdminControl and AdminTask), to drive WebSphere Application Server о configuration.
You can use it to manage the whole WebSphere о architecture.

Purpose of this starta plugin : Start one Application

The following shows the main Source Code File for the Action : was.starta

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##  Copyright (c) 2008, Patrick Germain Placidoux
##  All rights reserved.
##  This file is part of Kikonf Public Software.
##  Kikonf Public Software is released under the modified BSD License,
##  which should accompany it or any part of it in the file "COPYING".
##  If you do not have this file you can access the license 
##  through the WWW at
##  Home:
##  Contact:

from import *

class Starta(wasAction):
    def run(self):
        starta_node = self.getTop()        
        starta_attrs = starta_node.getAttrs()
        indent=self.getIndent() + 3*' '
        if not starta_node.hasNode('scope'):raise xception.kikonfActionSystemException(self, self_funct, 'Missing scope node,  scope node is required !')
        # list_scope_attrs: a list of dicts like that : [{'cluster': cluster, 'node': node, 'server': server, 'server_type':server_type}), ...]
        for srvs in list_scope_attrs:
            cluster, node, server, server_type=srvs['cluster'], srvs['node'], srvs['server'], srvs['server_type']
            if cluster!=None:
                verbose('ServerCluster retreiving.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=4, indent=indent, logFile=self.getLogFile())
                c=AdminConfig.getid('/ServerCluster:' + cluster)        
                mbrs=split(AdminConfig.showAttribute(c, 'members'))
                for mbr in mbrs:
                    server=AdminConfig.showAttribute(mbr, 'memberName')
                    node=AdminConfig.showAttribute(mbr, 'nodeName')                    
                    self.startApplication(scope_attrs.application, node, server, indent=indent)
            elif server_type=='as':
                isStarted=self.startApplication(scope_attrs.application, node, server, indent=indent)            
    def startApplication(self, application, node, server, indent=None):
        verbose('Process Server MBean retreiving.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=4, indent=indent, logFile=self.getLogFile())
        ps = AdminControl.queryNames('cell=' + self.getCell() +',node=' + node + ',type=ApplicationManager,process=' + server + ',*')
        if ps=='':
            verbose('Server:' + server + '/node:' + node + ' is not started. Skipping !', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=2, indent=indent)
            return False
        verbose('Process Server MBean invoking start:' + application + ', on Target:' + 'Server:' + server + '/node:' + node + '.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=4, indent=indent, logFile=self.getLogFile())
        # Recuperer  : Valeur de l'exception et la Mimer ds clause Except !!!
        AdminControl.invoke(ps, 'startApplication', application)
            AdminControl.invoke(ps, 'startApplication', application)
            etype, evalue=sys.exc_info()[:2]

        return True
    def verbose(self, name):
        verbose('Application:' + name + '.', level=self.getVerbose(), ifLevel=2, indent=self.getIndent())
(Source: <KIKONF_INSTALLATION_DIR>/plugins/actions/was/starta/by/kikonf/

  • Line 1 to 3 say something , say something , say something
  • Line 10 to 17 say something , say something , say something , say something , say something
  • Line 20 to 25 say something

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