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Action : wmq.mqm   (Category : wmq, Name : mqm, By : kikonf)
Complete Name :
Version : 5.0        License : Modified BSD License

Purpose of the wmq category :
Easy to customize. This category use in background the runmqsc command to create and configure :
Qmanagers, Qlocals, Qremotes, Clusters, Channels, Triggers, Processes, XMITQs, Listeners or SSL for WebSphere MQ .
You can use it to manage the whole IBM WebSphere MQ architecture.

Purpose of this mqm plugin : Configures a QManager

The following shows a sample Action File to use with the Action : wmq.mqm
This sample file can be run with this command : kikact  wmq.mqm

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    type = 'action'
    force = 'true'     
        <listener name='LIST1' port='1111'/>
        <listener name='LIST2' port='1112' dfn='true'/>
    	<channel name='CLS_CHANNEL' type='CLUSSDR' cluster='$' host='localhost' port='1000'/>
		<channel name='CLS_CHANNEL' type='CLUSRCVR' cluster='$' host='localhost' port='1001'/>
    	<channel name='CH3' type='SDR' host='localhost' port='1002' do_ssl='true'/>
    	<channel name='CH4' type='RCVR' do_ssl='true'/>
    	<channel name='CH5' type='CLNTCONN' host='localhost' port='1003' do_ssl='true'/>
    	<channel name='CH5' type='SVRCONN'/>

        <local name='Q1' cluster=''/>
		<local name='Q2'/>
        <remote name='QM2.Q1' rqmname='QM2' rname='Q1' host='localhost' port='1414' cluster=''/> 
        <alias name='AQ2' queue='Q2'/>

	    <cluster name='CLS1' full_repos='true'/>
	    <cluster name='CLS2'/>
        <cluster name='CLS3' full_repos='true'>

    <ssl repos_dir='$[temp_dir]'>
(Source: <KIKONF_INSTALLATION_DIR>/plugins/actions/wmq/mqm/by/kikonf/

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